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October 12, 2021

Spiritual awakening can mean different things depending on your perspective. It often includes one or more of the following:

  • Knowledge of your inner self, soul, or spirit.
  • A connection with a spiritual force or being.  
  • A greater sense of peace and well-being. 
  • Connection with nature.
  • A sense of purpose beyond material or societal goals. 

You may define spiritual awakening in your own way. You may follow a certain religion or tradition that has certain definitions that are helpful for you. Let’s explore some tools and practices that can help you attain a greater sense of spiritual awakening. 


Meditation is one of the oldest spiritual practices and one that anyone can use and derive benefits from. There are many types of meditation and you don’t have to choose a variety that’s attached to a specific tradition. You can practice on your own or take a class or course.

Meditation instruction is often offered at Buddhist, yoga, Taoist, and new age centres. These days, with so many classes and events going virtual, you can also find a class or course online. Here are some of the more popular types of meditation. 

  • Sitting meditation. The simplest type of meditation is done seated, either in a chair, on the floor, or on a cushion. Focus on your breathing and don’t think of anything in particular. Don’t try to suppress your thoughts but let them come and go and be the observer of your thoughts rather than getting tied up in them. 
  • Guided meditations. There are many meditation programs that incorporate techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation. Some are for specific purposes and may include affirmations for health, abundance, relationships, or other goals. Others are simply for relaxation. 
  • Brainwave entrainment. These are audio programs such as binaural beats and isochronic tones that deliver tones into the ears with the goal being to synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain at targeted wave lengths depending on if you want to reduce stress, increase focus, relax, unwind, wake up or simply develop a clearer mind.
  • Exercise and body awareness. Certain types of exercise, such as yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, are designed to increase awareness of both body and mind.


While meditation usually incorporates the breath in order to relax, breathwork is more active and energising. Doing breathwork can help you release old patterns and open yourself to new states of awareness. Typically, you’ll breathe energetically through the mouth for a few minutes. You can find breathwork practitioners and classes in many areas. There are also numerous books, videos, and audio programs that teach breathwork techniques. 

Connecting With Nature

Spending more time in nature can help us to spiritually awaken. The modern world, with its traffic, noise, and electronic devices can be a major distraction from the inner journey. Spending a little time each day, or a couple of times per week if that’s all you can manage, can help you get in touch with your deeper self. 

Sitting or walking in a natural environment such as a forest, beach, or park can help you relieve stress. One study found that spending at least 120 minutes per week in nature is highly beneficial to one’s health and well-being.

If you’re into sports and fitness, you can incorporate more strenuous activities into your excursions into nature such as running, mountain biking, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, or another type of exercise you can do in a natural environment.

Creative Expression

Many people find spiritual fulfilment by pursuing creative activities such as art, writing, music, and dance. While almost anything that opens up your creativity can help, the following are some artistic and creative activities that can be especially conducive to spiritual growth. 

  • Journaling. Keeping a journal allows you to keep track of your ideas, emotions, and reactions. Writing down your dreams in the morning can be useful as well. Additionally, make note of events that seem significant in some way, such as synchronicities or recurring symbols that you notice. 
  • Scrapbooks and vision boards. A scrapbook consists of photos or other items that are meaningful to you. A vision board can be made by drawing, using computer graphics, or creating a collage. You can also combine the vision board, scrapbook, and journaling ideas by including visual creations in your journal. 
  • Sacred movement and dance. This category overlaps with moving meditation but is also a kind of creative expression. Sacred dances such as Dervish and Sufi dancing as well as more modern interpretations such as ecstatic dance can help you naturally get into an altered state. Having appropriate music helps as well. This type of dance can be extremely powerful in groups but you can also do it on your own. 

Consume Uplifting and Educational Material

Books, videos, podcasts, and other content can help you clarify aspects of your spiritual journey. Start out by searching for material on topics that are currently important to you. You can start anywhere you want, such as:

  • Spiritual and religious traditions. Studying the history of various traditions that interest you is educational and can clarify your own path. 
  • Life after death. Topics include NDEs (near-death experiences), reincarnation, and contacting the deceased. 
  • Systems of divination. Astrology, tarot, runes, and I-Ching are some traditions that can help you understand yourself and the world. 
  • Spiritual healing. Study authors who take a spiritual approach to healing such as Louise Haye, Bruce Lipton, Stephan Bodian, Eckhart Tolle and Ernest Holmes (an early New Thought leader). You may also want to study material that explores the spiritual side of nutrition. 

These are some ways you can begin or continue your quest for spiritual growth. Everyone’s path is unique but you can learn from others and by developing certain practices. Find out what works for you and develop habits that foster your growth and awareness. 

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